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C/ De Las Naves 9 28005 Madrid

603 189 449

Estate agents in Madrid | Inmovegass

Behind inmovegass there is a large team of professionals from the real estate sector

Do you want to sell your home?

If you want Inmovegass to sell your home, just contact us and a salesperson will get in touch with you.

■ Personalised advice.

■ Information on market prices.

■ Document processing.

■ Loan requests. Personal advice.

We have a large portfolio of properties for sale, we make a personalised study of each client's requirements, in order to maximise priorities.

Why Inmovegass?

Because behind Inmovegass there is a great team of professionals from the real estate sector.

In recent years, hundreds of estate agencies in Spain had to close down, leaving many good professionals without a job. This is how Inmovegass came into being, created by a group of estate agents who have recovered their desire to work, combining their knowledge in order to give our clients greater experience and security. We strive to offer specialised monitoring to each client according to his/her needs, ironing out any problems which may occur during the process and thus developing a relationship of trust when it comes to investing money. We are not a conventional website; you will not see properties advertised here, as we have our own private database which we use to satisfy our clients' requests to the full.

  • Information on market prices
  • Document processing
  • Loan requests

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